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3.25  ARGENTINA - Quilmes - the beer of choice for thirsty gauchos after a hot day tossing their bolos, 4.9% abv
3.25  AUSTRALIA - Boags - James Boags has a loyal following around the region, from Tasmania since 1883, 5% abv
4.50   "   Coopers Original Pale Ale - family owned since 1862, an Aussie tradition with a kangaroo's kick
4.50   "   Coopers Best Extra Stout - a burly, bottle-conditioned brew - big taste, smooth sippin' 6.3% abv
5.50   "   Sheaf Stout -thick and brawny from the land down under, grows hair on your chest, 25.6 oz., 5.7% abv
3.75  AUSTRIA - Gosser - Austria's best selling pilsner, a fine example of the Budweiser style - since 1860, 5.2% abv
4.50   "   Zipfer - another solid entry in the Pilsner parade, nicely balanced hops and malts, since1885 5.4% abv
3.75  BELGIUM -  Bavik - a premium pilsner to remedy your everyday Belgian beer craving, 5.2% abv
6.25   "   Belgoo Magus - an understated, carefully handcrafted four-grain ale with a blend of barley, wheat,
              oats and spelt, bottle conditioned with a bit of yeast for complex flavor and extra vitality, 6.6% abv
4.75   "   Blanche de Bruxelles - traditional wit beer, pale color with a fruity, slightly sour bite, 4.5% abv
6.75   "   Chimay Blue Cap - if it was stock, you would never sell for a profit, but enjoy the investment. Only
               seven Trappist breweries remain - their ale is highly prized and supports their charitable work, 9% abv
6.50   "   Chimay White Cap - no choppy waves & whitewater rafting, this tripel will cap your evening 8% abv
6.75   "   Chimay Red Cap - this uniquely rich, pure, and lightly bitter Belgium is brewed with only natural 
                   ingredients by Trappist monks since 1862, 7% abv
5.75   "   Corsendonk Brown - a real value in Abbey ales, dark and robust with hints of port, 7.5% abv
5.75   "   Corsendonk Pale Ale - a bottle-conditioned tripel with hints of herbs and sugar cane, 7.5% abv
6.25   "   Duvel Ale - concocted in 1701 by the Moortgat family; whole flower Styrian & Saaz hops, 8.5% abv
9.00   "   Framboise Lambic - brewing this raspberry-infused champagne ale is tricky and time consuming, 
              with an incredible result. True royalty in the kingdom of beers, corked bottles from Lindemans, 4% abv
5.25   "   Früli Strawberry Beer- truly captures the essence of the fruit - as if freshly picked, 25 cl, 4.1% abv
6.75   "   Gulden Draak ale - the famous triple in the stubby white bottle from brouwerij Van Steenberge, 
               this was Prince Arn's drink after he slew the Golden Dragon (probably before, too). 10.5% abv
6.50   "   Gouden Carolus - Charles V gold coins inspired this bottle-conditioned gem in 1369, 8.5% abv
7.85   "   Green's Quest - one of the few GLUTEN-FREE ales on the market, this all-natural blonde tripel
               is made from millet, rice, buckwheat and sorghum, very drinkable with a unique style. 500ml, 8.5% abv
3.25   "   Hoegaarden - award-winning unfiltered white wheat beer w/coriander & orange, since 1445, 4.9%abv
6.00   "   Kapittel Abbey Ale - excellent benchmarks of the traditional styles from the storied Abbey brewers
               Aht (old) - 10%, Blonde - 6.2%, Pater (brown) - 6%, Prior (red) - 9%
6.50   "   Karmeliet Triple - three grain triple (wheat, oat and barley) fermented in the bottle, from a
              17th century monastic recipe. The acme of brews for many, this one must be experienced, 8.4% abv
6.25   "   Kwak - sounds like a duck, tastes like a beer. A lofty, complex beer that will get your wings flapping.
              Family brewed since 1791, winning multiple gold medals over the years. 8% abv
7.75   "   Orval Trappist - from one of only six Trappist breweries. A blessed offering that has satisfied monks
              for generations. Bottle fermented, rich and yeasty - a healthy, strong, reverential brew 6.9% abv
6.75   "   Piraat Ale- a swashbuckling triple shipped from Flanders with three sheets to the wind,
              a wickedly rich, deep golden amber with a subtle haze. A real treat for the senses. 10.5% abv
8.25   "   Rochefort 8 - an authentic Trappist with a fortitude of flavors enveloped in a cloak of hops 9.2% abv
8.75   "   Rochefort 10 - a powerful offering from Abbey St-Remy; aromatic, dark, delicate & delicious, 11.3%abv
6.50   "   Scaldis - intense brew from Brasserie Dubuisson. A small package that packs a punch. 250ml, 12% abv
6.50   "   St Feuillen Triple - a bottle-conditioned triple from one of the lesser-known breweries, an Abbey 
              ale that is as pleasing as it is potent. Brewery established in Le Roeux circa 1125, 8.5% abv
7.00   "   Saison DuPont - from one of Europe's last farmhouse breweries, a classic example of the Saison style. 
              Blonde and slightly hazy from the bottle-conditioning, dry and refreshing. Corked. 375ml, 6.5% abv
4.75   "   Stella Artois - Belgium's original premium pale lager for the everyday session beer drinker, 66cl 5% abv
6.50   "   Troubador Beer - this satisfying, spicy Belgian blond will get you singing with gusto, 6.5%abv
7.00   "   Urthel Hiber Tripel - Belgium's newest cult classic, Hibernus Quentum gives thee a calm and satisfied
              feeling. The second mystery of the Urthel Trilogy - "look in the past and see thy future" 9% abv
7.25   "   Urthel Samar Quad - nothing shy about this potent brew with hefty malts, big flavor 11.5% abv
7.75   "   Westmalle Dubbel - double the usual malt for extra flavor and strength, since 1856, 7% abv
7.75   "   Westmalle Tripel - malt times three with bottle conditioning has complex, volatile esters, 9.5% abv
1. Tuba Charlie's ale of the month - fire brewed on our patio and contract brewed at MBC in Webberville.
2. Bell's Oberon wheat (summer) or Two Hearted Ale (winter) a doubly good pale ale with plenty of hops. Fresh, frothy, and robust unfiltered brews from Larry Bell in Kalamazoo. $ 3.75 12oz - $4.75 pint
3. Raspberry Ale - a hint of raspberry tea in the aroma and flavor without the sweetness of the fruit, a smooth refreshment from Dark Horse Brewery in Marshall, 5% abv $ 3.75 12oz - $4.75 pint
4. Humalupalicious - a fresh and hoppy IPA from Short's Brewery in Bellaire with the hoppy bitterness balanced by brisk citrus flavors - very drinkable with a burger or burrito $3.75 12oz - $4.75 pint
5. Vanilla Java Porter - a rich, robust brew from Atwater Block in Detroit made of chocolate and coffee malts spiked with coffee beans and natural vanilla, 6% abv $3.75 12oz - $4.75 pint
6. India Pale Ale - Arcadia of Battle Creek is an excellent example of the traditionally well-hopped, higher proof ale made to last British seaman over the long voyage, 5.9% abv $3.75 12oz - $4.75 pint
7. Final Absolution - a big Belgian-style Tripel from Dragonmead in Warren that quickly gained a loyal following. True to style with the flavor of Belgian rock candy 9% abv $ 4.00 12oz - $5.00 pint
8. Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale - from the Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids, a strong and malty ale in the Scotch style, with big flavor - it packs a punch at 8.5% abv $ 4.00 12oz - $5.00 pint
Taste of Michigan - five 4-oz samples of Michigan micro-brew drafts $5.00
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