Latin, Asian, and Middle-Eastern Menu
A giant flour tortilla with double portion cheese, lettuce, onions
and a side of chips & salsa. . . . . 5.95 choice of beans on top.....1.75
Bean Burrito*
A giant flour tortilla stuffed with frijoles, cheese, lettuce, onions,
and a side of chips & salsa. . . . 6.95
Wet Burrito
Our Bean Burrito topped with a large dose of
our tasty homemade chili guisada or black beans* . . . 7.95
Beans & Rice*
A filling plate of brown rice, with your choice of black beans or frijoles,
corn or flour tortilla, and a side of salsa. . . .4.95
Deluxe Nachos Grande
big enough for 2, with lots of cheese, choice of beans, black olives, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, spicy ground beef or chorizo sausage & salsa . 11.75 smaller order 8.95
Vegetarian Deluxe Nachos*
big enough for 2, with lots of cheese, choice of beans, black olives, tomatoes,
 lettuce, onions & salsa . . . . 10.95 smaller order . . . . 8.95
Additions for any of the above:
with spicy queso cheese sauce.... 2.50 with beef, chorizo, or chicken...... 2.95
side of sour cream.... .50 side of jalapenos...... .50 side of guacamole....... 3.75
Tortillas (flour or corn)........... .75

Black Beans or Frijoles
side.....2.00 bowl........ 3.00 with cheese, add....1.00

Latin Platter* . . . . . 13.75
Quesadilla Guadalajara, Black Beans, Frijoles, Brown Rice, Tortilla Chips with spicy Queso cheese dip, Guacamole, Flour Tortilla, chopped lettuce, sour cream and salsa.

* Vegetarian
Fresh mixed vegetables and greens of the day,
sautéed with sesame oil and your choice of any of these sauces:
(served over brown rice) . . . . 9.50

Garlic Black Bean* - Hot and garlicky, complex and delicious!
Indonesian Peanut* - Spicy, nutty & addictive!
Korean Sesame Soy* - Classic Korean blend with toasted sesame seeds
Teriyaki* - Piquant, sweet and sour, not spicy, but richly pleasing

Stir fry with Chicken or Tofu add . . 3.00

Bowl of Brown Rice . . . 1.50
Gyro Plate
Shaved lamb and beef loaf with melted cheese in pita bread.
Served with sliced tomatoes, pepperoncini, and skorthalia (garlic yogurt sauce).
Grilled onions by request. . . . 6.95

Fried patties of delicately seasoned chick peas and mixed grain breads
with pita and tahina........ 5.95 with Vegetable Medley...... 11.25

Falafel Sandwich*
two falafel patties with lettuce, pickled turnips, and onion wrapped in a pita,
served with tahini and pepperoncini . . . 7.25

Our own slightly spicy version of chick pea and sesame butter tahini dip
blended with a little cumin and garlic; with pita.................. 5.75
with Vegetable Medley......10.75

Middle Eastern Platter*
all of our favorites on one platter: Falafel Patties, Samosa, Humous, Calamata Olives,
Feta Cheese, Pepperoncini, Pickled Turnips, Sesame Tahina, and Pita Bread . . 14.75

Vegetable Medley*
A nice array of fresh vegetables which compliments almost any dish in the menu, includes: sliced tomato, green pepper, Greek olives, pepperoncini, carrots,
pickled turnips, onions, feta cheese, and pita bread . . 5.75
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