Cones or Dish: Baby ..... 2.25 Single scoop.... 3.00 Double scoop .... 4.50
 We always have chocolate, vanilla, & butter pecan.
The other eight ice cream flavors of the month are in the display freezer up front.


Served with whipped cream & a cherry on vanilla ice cream.
   For sundaes with ice cream other than vanilla add an extra 25 cents.
Single dip......... 5.25 Double dip....... 7.25
Toppings Chocolate, butterscotch, raspberry, cherry, crushed pineapple, fresh ripe banana,
 hot fudge, strawberry, and pure Michigan maple syrup.
Extra toppings.......add .75 Spanish Peanuts or Crushed Nuts.....add .75 Pecans.......add .75

Made from scratch at our 1959 vintage soda fountain!
Flavors: Banana, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Cola, Vernors, Maple Syrup,
Orange, Pineapple, Sarsaparilla (Root Beer), Strawberry, Raspberry & Vanilla
Small (12 oz.).....4.50 Large (16 oz.).... 5.50 Malted..........add .50

The original soda-pop as made in Drug stores at the turn of the nineteenth century. A float is simply the flavored soda water with the ice cream floated on top, allowing the consumer to mix or not, as wished. In a traditional soda, a little ice cream is mixed in with the soda water first.
 Same flavors as above, with free top-ups of soda water
Single dip....3.50 Double dip....4.50
Kiddie Clown Sundae - single scoop vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip eyes,
cherry nose, cone hat & a whipped cream collar. . . . 5.25
Old Timers Tin Roof - Double dip vanilla with chocolate topping,
Spanish peanuts, whipped cream and a cherry . . . 7.25
Turtle Sundae - Double dip butter pecan with hot fudge & butterscotch toppings,
pecans, whipped cream & a cherry . . . . 7.75
Cookie Monster - Giant cookie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
with hot fudge and whipped cream. . . . 6.75
Deluxe Banana Split - three scoops of ice cream over a ripe banana,
three toppings, crushed nuts, whipped cream & a cherry . . 7.75
Our famous homemade
Fruit Cobbler . . . . 4.75
a la mode . . . . . . . 6.25
Chocolate Excess - warmed chocolate mousse cake with raspberry topping and whipped cream . . . 6.25
Pie of the day - see blackboard for choices, usually Michigan Apple, Pecan, Mixed Berry,
or Key Lime
  . . . 4.75 . . . a la mode 6.75
Giant Cookie 1.95
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