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Lunch & Dinner
Soup & Salad
Latin, Asia, Middle East
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September 4 - 18, 2012
Start with a bowl of creamy,
delicious Corn and Sweet Pepper Soup
lightly flavored with cumin, and
Guacamole with Chips as an appetizer.
Then enjoy a classic Nicaraguan meal:
Frijoles Colorados con Marrano - a hearty stew
of mashed red beans and tender cubes of pork
garnished with a dollop of crema fresca. Served with
a side of our slightly spicy and delicious Spanish Rice, some
Calabacitas Picadas - stir fried summer squash and onions
spiked with a little coriander, chilies and cracked black pepper
topped by a melted queso blend, and
a garnish of Fresh Tropical Fruit

Condiments: Salsa Fresca - T.C.'s famous house salsa (hot)
Salsa Verde - tomatillos, cilantro and serrano chilies (hotter)

Salsa Amarillo - yellow tomatoes, red onions, mint and habaneros (hottest!)

Vegetarian Entree - served all month
Begin with a cup of Michigan-grown
Black Bean Soup - lightly spiced and blended,
and a tasty Vegetable Cheese Dip - shredded carrots,
summer squash, zucchini, green onions and cilantro
folded into cottage cheese and crema fresca mounded on lettuce,
with a basket of Tortilla Chips on the side. Then enjoy the
Chilaquiles (an all-time favorite at the Travelers Club) -
corn tortillas, cheddar, muenster and jack cheese layered in a casserole
with heavy cream, tomatoes, chilies and cilantro, served with
our spicy and delicious version of Spanish Rice, and a side of
Salada Nopalitos - a succulent cactus salad in a
lively vinaigrette with red onion and fresh tomato.

September 19 - 30, 2012
Coastal Mexico
Unwind with a bowl of
Sopa de Lima - a classic Mexican chicken soup
laced with tomatoes and fresh lime juice, then enjoy
the Pescado Yucateco - a broiled tuna fillet
slathered with an olive and pimiento sauce
 garnished with shredded cabbage,
radishes and fresh pineapple, served with
Arroz Verde - white rice simmered in chicken broth
with parsley and poblano chiles, a
crispy Jicama & Beet Salad tossed with
oranges, chilies and cilantro, and
sweet Mango Cream studded with
bits of pineapple for dessert